The Spendor A-Line are compact high performance floor standing loudspeakers with smart styling and natural veneer finishes. Each model benefits from important advances in Spendor's drive unit technology, cabinet design and crossover engineering.

The fourth generation Spendor 'linear flow' port gives the A Line unrivalled ability to deliver deep articulate bass. Spendors Dynamic Damping system uses constrained polymer dampers at key energy interface points, converting spurious energy in into inaudible heat for a naturally fast, engaging sound.

The new steel stabiliser disk system eliminates flexure at the plinth and contributes to the neat appearance and good stability of these slim cabinets. Clean modern styling blends confidently with any decor.

 The Spendor A5 offers exceptional performance in relation to its compact dimensions. New drive units based on technology developed for the recently launched Spendor SA1 ensure clear and natural mid-range and a beautifully open treble.

The new 15cm drive units have a magnesium alloy chassis to support the long throw motor system which helps to give these loudspeakers a remarkably big and powerful sound. The fluid cooled 22mm wide-surround tweeter completes the driver array.

The linear flow reflex port system allows the A5 to be placed in relatively close proximity to rear walls with minimal interaction, and the structural spike support system provides solid clean bass response.

  • Fourth generation 'linear flow' port gives clean articulate bass
  • New Spendor 15cm drive units with large excursion motors
  • New 22mm wide surround tweeter for extended response
  • High grade crossover network with gold conductors
  • Silver plated pure copper internal cables throughout
  • WBT high copper alloy binding posts on the rear
  • Spendor 'dynamic damping' to minimise cabinet resonances
  • High rigidity stabiliser plate system for solid floor mounting
  • Modern finishes including Oak and Wenge
Technische Daten
Beschreibung 2.5-way floor standing loudspeaker
Gehäusetyp Spendor linear flow reflex
Hochtöner 22mm wide-surround dome with fluid cooling
Tiefmitteltöner Spendor 150mm ep38 cone
Tieftöner Spendor 150mm ep39 cone
Wirkungsgrad 86dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
Übernahmefrequenz 700 Hz and 4.5 kHz
Frequenzgang 60 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3dB anechoic
Frequenzumfang -6dB at 45 Hz anechoic
Impedanz 8 ohms nominal
Impedanzminimum 5.0 ohms
Musikbelastbarkeit 150 watts unclipped programme
Anschlüsse WBT 4 way binding posts single-wired
Maße (HxBxT) 790 x 165 x 250mm
Gehäusevarianten black ash, cherry, light oak, wenge, dark walnut
Gewicht pro Stück 16 kg