Small outside, great inside

Audiophile-quality headphones, something that we all thought belonged to the '70s, are back. Music enthusiasts from all around the world are upgrading their listening experience by getting rid of earbuds and connecting high-end headgear to their portable digital players.

With such great stuff on hand, a shame the only available holes are MP3 players' ones, as most quality amps have lost their jack sockets since decades. Pathos designers faced this new challenge: can we squeeze our very best quality and technology into a few cubic centimeters? The result is the newest Aurium headphone amp.

Pure class A, tube pre stage and MOS-FET power stage, zero feedback, the Aurium performs what audiophiles are used to from Pathos: exquisite musicality, transparency, dynamics and total lack of listening fatigue. Flexibility is granted by the possibility to adjust output impedance from 16 to 1,000 Ohm, in order to provide a perfect interface with any kind of headphone.

The volume control - a critical component in every amp - is operated by means of a high precision Burr-Brown device.

Technische Daten
Output power 3,6W kI7DxV2YxZgHkLbY3rSgTcWsYx4R 32 Ohm, Class A zero feedback
Output Inpedance < 0,5 Ohm
Output level 7V RMS max
Frequency response 10 Hz - 80 KHz
THD < 0,1 %
Analog inputs 1 stereo balanced XLR
Analog outputs 3 stereo unbalanced RCA line
1 - RCA line TAPE
Max inpult level 6,4 V RMS unbalance
3,2 + 3,2 V RMS balance
Main voltage 90-250 V 50 / 60 Hz
Power consuption 30 W