This is not your ordinary CD player, it´s a pure audio CD player. Designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark, the CD-2 provides the unsurpassed performance which is expected from a Lyngdorf Audio product. With the experience gained from the multiple award winning Lyngdorf Audio digital amplifiers and CD players, this is aimed at being one of the best sounding pure audio CD players on the market.

The CD-2 is built as if it was a heavy amplifier. A thick vibration free aluminum chassis frame with vibration damped lid gives it a tank-like construction.

It is equipped with Intersample Clipping Correction (ICC) which restores clipped samples back to their original shape. Low-noise design techniques are applied to upsample the digital output, and the D/A converter section is the same as in the legendary Millennium MK IV amplifier and it is being used to drive a high quality, single ended and balanced output stage.

The in-house designed power supply is extremely well regulated, filtered and decoupled to provide a low noise and low impedance supply to the digital and analog circuitry. With individual supplies from four independent secondary windings on the transformer the analog and digital supplies are kept separated to minimize digital noise in the analog circuit.

Technische Daten
Digital outputs 1 x coaxial (galvanic isolated)
1 x optical
Analogue outputs 1 x RCA/phono
1 x XLR (balanced)
Frequency Response 20 - 20 kHz +/- 0,02 dB
THD + N 0,0018 %
Sample rates 44,1 kHz 16 bit
48/96/192 kHz 24 bit
Dimensions H x W x D 58 x 450 x 375 mm incl. front knob and connectors
Weight 6,1 kg